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The Noyes Family | Wheaton Minnesota Family Photographer

How adorable is this little family?!

I had so much fun meeting and photographing the Noyes last week! Little Jace and Mr. Lane were such hams - they did SO good during our photo session! I just LOVE how all of these images turned out - we had the perfect day!

Here's some of my favorites - thanks guys! :)

And my personal favorite... :)

Fuzzy Cheeks Boutique Mini Session Event | Summer 2015 | Minnesota Photographer

Holy cow you guys, the past month has been absolutely CRAZY awesome! On June 6th, Fuzzy Cheeks Boutique hosted their annual Mini Session event, which I had the honor of photographing! I was over-the-moon excited when Cally contacted me this winter regarding this event!  Since graduating college in May, I have been SO nervous about completely launching my new photography business in my small community. However, I have been SO blessed by the continued support and encouragement Cally and Fuzzy Cheeks Boutique have given me in our community! 
I am SO grateful for the continued love & support everyone has given me. Without all of you, I wouldn't be able to be pursing my passion! Again I would like to thank all of the wonderful participants for their time, traveling and adorable faces, Fuzzy Cheeks Boutique for all of their support, and absoutely everyone who made this day possible! 
It turned out to be such a perfect day!

Watch the Video here:

MNPPA Newborn Seminar | Minnesota Newborn Photographer

It has been such a crazy, awesome, busy week here at Images By Ivy! Last Monday the 8th, I met up with a couple of my photog friends in St. Cloud and we attended a newborn photography class hosted by the MNPPA (Minnesota Professional Photographer Association). The speaker at this newborn seminar was none other than Amanda Andrews,  a busy mother of five with a passion for newborn photography. Amanda came all the way from Idaho to share with us the art of newborn photography! After getting lost trying to find somewhere to park & lugging in props and backdrops for Amanda to use for our class, the learning never stopped! I LOVE attending as many photography classes, seminars, and workshops as I can. It is SO important to continue education and to always be a lifetime learner.  I absoultely love photographing seniors and families; but I have always been apprehensive about photographing newborns (especially since the youngest person in my family is 14). Trying new things is so important - you never know what you like or what you're good at! Hey, I even tried thai food that day too :)
We also had the opportunity to photograph some of the newborn models along with Amanda -- here are a few of my favorites! Thanks Amanda!